Blockchain Accessibility Foundation

The Vision and Mission

With Web 3.0 on the rise. There will be a huge shift in the way the world views and interacts with the world. The Blockchain Accessibility Foundation (BAF) has a mission to develop technologies and guidelines to help ensure the Web 3.0 is accessible and is able to be used by everyone.

The Vision of the Blockchain Accessibility Foundation is to imagine a completely accessible layer of the next-generation internet for all users.


What does the Blockchain Accessibility Foundation do?

Consulting Services

Hear from the world's experts

Need help developing products and features in an accessible manner? We're here to help you develop your product in the best manner. Reach out via email to get started.

Standards of Web 3.0

The groundwork of the future

We have come up with test practices in development of Web 3.0 including blockchain products, dApps, and cryptocurrency-related products and services.

Funding and Development

Developing the future and beyond

Donations allow us to take on projects and developments for the good of all individuals in Web 3.0 and beyond. Grants will be open shortly.

Scholarship Program

Lending a helping hand to others

Each year, the Blockchain Accessibility Foundation gives out scholarships for the next generation of students. Click here to learn more.

Board of Directors

The people who get things done

Ray Parker

President and Board Member

Since 2015, Ray has served as a board member for multiple non-profits including Disability Rights Washington and Disability:IN. He has previously worked at Microsoft, NASA, Booz Allen, and Dragonchain.

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